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Types of Medication Non-Adherence

Types of Medication Non-Adherence

Illnesses or conditions, be they chronic or acute, require a person to take medications to manage it effectively. But, taking several medications every day can sometimes be a hassle, especially without the help of a Non-Medical Home Care in Flourtown, Pennsylvania. Confusion may also arise due to the number of pills or the schedule of when to take them. All of these inconveniences can result in non-adherence.

Medication non-adherence, however, is more than just forgetting when to take one’s medicine. According to a study published in the Oman Medical Journal, there are different types of non-adherence, which we will explain further below.

  • Non-fulfillment – The patient does not fill the prescription given to them.
  • Non-persistence – The patient stops taking the medication. It can be a result of miscommunication between them and their providers regarding the treatment plan.
  • Non-conforming – The patient takes the medication, but they don’t follow the correct dose or time, or they take more than what their providers prescribed.

Non-adherence contributes to a lower quality of life, as well as results in more hospital visits or admissions. Prevent non-adherence from happening. Our caregivers at Genuine Heart Homecare Agency LLC, a provider of Home Care Services in Pennsylvania, can help you take your medications on time.

We also have several services for you to choose from, be they Continence Care, companionship, personal care, and many more. We take your needs seriously and would be happy to discuss them with you. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 215-644-7224.

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