Genuine Heart Homecare Agency LLC is guided by a tradition of structured, compassionate and genuine services. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of home health care to improve the quality of life of our clients and as well build trusting relationships with families.

Serving: Berks, Northampton, Chester, Carbon, Schuylkill, Delaware, Philadelphia, Lehigh, Bucks, Montgomery

Operating Hours: Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. Saturday and Sunday Closed but on 24 hours on call services

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Client’s Rights and Responsibilities

Non-Medical Home Care in Pennsylvania

Genuine Heart Homecare Agency LLC wants to provide each individual with the fair opportunity to afford the services that they need at home. As part of our mission, we highly ensure that we get to attend to every client, with no bias on their personal, cultural, spiritual, and economic background. Aside from providing equal services, we also observe and protect our clients and explain these Rights and Responsibilities to them before starting with any of our programs. In the event that you can no longer exercise these rights personally due to physical or cognitive incapacity, your family may observe these on your behalf.

As clients, you have the right to:

  • Excellent and competent care from highly skilled care professionals;
  • caregiver discussing care plan to the senior couple
  • Personalized programs that answer your exact care needs;
  • Be free from verbal, physical, and psychological abuse;
  • Be given services with utmost consideration, respect, privacy, and confidentiality;
  • Be given the freedom to make sound decisions and judgments on ethical issues;
  • Be treated with dignity;
  • Be admitted for service if the agency has the ability to provide proper care;
  • Be given a care provider that is knowledgeable and skilled in the care program that you are in;
  • Participate in the designing, planning, and administering of care programs, periodic reviews, care changes, and personnel movement that the agency may undertake;
  • Know of the schedules of his care program and of the individuals that will take part of the program;
  • Request for a care provider and decide on the duration of their services;
  • Refuse any or all treatment to the extent permitted by law;
  • Be referred elsewhere when denied of services for any reason or upon request;
  • Be given assistance in looking for community assistance which can financially support the program;
  • Be informed of the procedures for submitting written complaint/grievances;
  • Receive proper response to any complaint/grievance submitted; and
  • Have access to contact information and service schedules in order to obtain additional information about the agency, properly file complaints or report abuse.

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